Turning a Holiday Trip Into a Business Money Making Idea – Travel Trip

Do you want to save money, make money and yet travel freely? Here is the inside scoop that travel agencies will not tell you. Get the low down on the cheapest deals, to finding the best spots in a country. This is really the stuffs that you want to know, but cannot find in brochures! The next time you go on a holiday, challenge yourself to turn a holiday trip to a money making venture!1) Ask the locals on what is popularIt never hurt to ask the locals for the best places of attractions. When in Rome, do what the Romans do. Check out great sights and sounds with a local, make a new friend! And what is best, is the possibility of seeing something interesting and bringing back a franchise! Do take note of the popular brands in the market, or something that has caught your interest. It may be the latest craze that catches on!2) Make bulk purchases and sell back homeThere are some popular face masks or unique products which are sold elsewhere at a cheap price. You can start surfing the websites and knowing what are some of the popular items sold in the country you are visiting. By doing so, you are able to defray the cost of your travel and it is always fun, to have the feeling of being a merchandiser! Do read up adequately, thus minimizing the probability of getting stuck with a lot of inventory. Keep the items simple and choose items that are relatively easy to be placed in your luggage!3) Arrange your own excursionsIf you are on a package holiday, the tour representatives will be keen to sell you excursions (of course there is commission to be earned!) You can usually get the same trip more cheaply by booking directly. Do your homework! Find trips that appeal to your personal interests and perhaps the opportunity can open doors for you!Turn that holiday trip into an investment trip by simply opening your eyes to business ideas! Very often, a travel trip may turn out to be a gem, giving you ideas for even a franchisee! The money spent, is money well-invested! Check out my blog if you want more great tips in turning pleasures into money making ideas.

Discover Top Important Tips on Last Minute Travel – Travel Trip

So, you have to travel at the last minute? Don’t think you have time to pack? What should you pack in the little time you have? Here are some tips to help you be prepared.The first thing I do is make a list; clothes, pajamas, personal items, passport, map, credit cards, client files, school books, money, medicines, briefcase, laptop (don’t forget the power cord!), etc.
If you’re driving, gas up the truck and pack it the night before you have to leave. Put everything that you can’t put in the truck overnight by the front door. I actually block the door so I have to move it to get out! If there is something really important, I tape a note at eye level on the door and one to the steering wheel.For last minute travel, pack clothes that are interchangeable; a skirt, a pair of slacks, a jacket and two blouses. Add scarves, belts and other accessories that will change the look of your outfit. Don’t forget a pair of shoes that match the skirt & slacks and extra socks & underwear.
Here’s another idea: leave your suitcases open on the bed; it will help you to remember to put things in it and it will also help to get you geared up for the trip.Another suggestion for last minute travel is to ALWAYS check the weather where you are going and pack accordingly. You don’t want to be the only woman standing there in freezing rain wearing open-toed shoes without an umbrella, do you?One more thing for your last minute travel trip, pack some comfy clothes for the recreation part of your trip, or to wear on the trip home, besides you’re not taking that many clothes with you so you’ll have something to wear if your other clothes need cleaned.My final tip for last minute travel is to be prepared. I have a small travel case I use for our personal items and by keeping it stocked, it’s always ready to go! In our suitcases I keep extra underwear, socks and pajamas, so all I have to do is pack our clothes, and the boys stuffed animals, blankets and pillows.